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One of the major reasons people don't participate in our democracy...

... is a lack of information and this is an even bigger problem when it comes to state and local government.

 According to 2015 study of millennials by the Knight Foundation:

 “Our focus groups found that lack of information about the candidates and issues was the biggest barrier millennials experience to local voting. This contrasts with national elections where they are bombarded with information. Other studies suggest cutbacks to local media may lead to less civic engagement; voters have less information in local elections than in national ones, so they’re less likely to vote.”

 The rise of cable TV news is one sign of the nationalization of information. Another is newspaper circulation. According to the Pew Research Center, local newspaper circulation is falling across the country, while national papers like the New York Times and Washington Post have seen huge increases in online circulation. According to Pew, changes in the newspaper industry have led to major cutbacks in staff — including state government reporters.

 North Carolina fits the pattern.

So NC Common Ground was created to fill the state issues information gap that continues to grow. There are important things happening in North Carolina’s state government that citizens deserve to know. NC Common Ground focuses on the things that we all agree on: an economy that works for everyone, quality public education and a clean environment. Unfortunately, recent history in North Carolina suggests our state government has failed on those three measures.

 Our mission is to educate the citizens of North Carolina on how their elected representatives have voted on issues where most of us see common ground. This website presents some of the key votes taken over the last five years and how every current member of the North Carolina  General Assembly voted on each measure.

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