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An Economy That Works for Everyone

The North Carolina economy is growing, but the benefits of that growth have not been distributed fairly. While corporations and those at the top continue to do well, many hardworking North Carolinians are still struggling to get by. According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce in 2016 the state’s median wage was $33,920 — meaning half of all jobs paid less than $33,920 per year. While the state as a whole continues to grow quickly, rural North Carolina has not shared in that growth. 34 counties lost population between 2016 and 2017. Policy decisions made at the state level on healthcare, unemployment and taxes have exacerbated economic struggles by benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor, middle class and rural North Carolina. It is common sense that North Carolina’s economy will be stronger when everyone is doing better. (North Carolina Annual Economic Report, July 2017; Carolina Demography, 3/22/18)

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